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  • Construction activity

    3D modeling, Handling technology, Automation, Robotization
  • Production and assembly

    CNC plasma and flame cutting, Waterjet cutting
    Lathes with diameters of 500 mm and lenghts of 5000 mm
    Profile milling, grinding and drilling machines

Metal Produkt Servis Praha, s.r.o.

The company Metal Produkt Servis Praha, s.r.o. was flunder in July 2002 for the purpose of realization of projects in the branch of engineering production aimed at chuck, welding and handling technology

The company dispose of professional staff, own production areas and high leveled technical equipment.

Customers can be satisfied in short running terms with guarantee of high quality due to versatility and flexibility followed by adequate managerial process.

The company achieved its position in the market owing to excellent fulfiling of customer´s re­quirements.


Certificate ISO 9001

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Design activity

A design stage is the first step of every investment goal accomplishment. In this stage the production process is divided into the individual operations, these operations are balanced from the point of the cycle time, manufacturing unit basic arrangement is formalized – so called layout (machines, work stations or manufacturing lines), interoperation handling project, incorporation of basic requirements into ergonomics and manufacturing equipment safety are developed.

A detail solution to the equipment structural units proceeds from such project. Nevertheless, to optimize the future production process the layout can be revised and modified. Thus, the design stage then penetrates the whole equipment development.

Our offer in the sector of design activity:

Initial project development

Our designers will set up an equipment initial project with you. On the basis of the production processes to be accomplished by the future equipment, they will design the assignment to the individual operations, preliminary equipment lay-out and in co-operation with your technology engineer they will optimize the process from the point of cycle time and will scheme the interoperation handling, taking into consideration ergonomics and equipment safety.

Project documentation administration during realization

If required, our designers will guarantee project documentation administration during the equipment construction development and realization. These are mainly the lay-out modifications or production process split up into the operations as well as the supervision of the activity of our design office or design activities of third parties, participating in your project.


Our design office is equipped with the program Delmia, facilitating robotized workstation designing and robotized process analyses. Among the most frequent tasks to be solved by Delmia belong the proposals of an appropriate robot for the particular application, verification of reachability of all points serviced by the robot, optimization of location of the individual units of the work station or verification of collision- free movements of the robot during the production process.

Turn-key technical solutions or complete equipment production

Provided that you order “turn-key” development or complete equipment production, such a service includes the design activity in the necessary scope. We take the first steps already in the price quotation stage to be able to offer you meaningful and price available solution.

Construction activity

Our design office will produce a complete manufacturing documentation of machines or its components. To accomplish such purpose a CAD program Catia V5 is available, facilitating an effective and fast development of the structural units and basic analyses of their functionality thanks to the parametric 3D modeling.

Our designers are experienced mainly in the field of the design of welding and machining fixtures, handling technology, automation units and robotized stations. Furthermore, they are able to design pneumatic and hydraulic connections of the machines and in co-operation with electrician engineers and programmers to design the control system of machine or equipment.

Welding and machining fixtures

Our design department will provide a complete development of the fixture, from the project of the fixture concept, taking into account applied production technology as well as the requirements to the product accuracy, through 3D proposal and analysis of functionality and collision- free accessibility of the product by the tool (e.g. in case of the robotic welding with the use of the program Delmia), proposal of pneumatic or hydraulic connection and design optimization from the point of working process and manufacturing costs up to the drawing documentation.
To design the fixture concept we either follow the factual requirements of customer or the recommendations of designer.

Handling technology

In the field of handling technology we provide the construction of simple conveyers, robotic clutches, automatic handlers (pneumatic, hydraulic as well as with actuating mechanism), or simple manually controlled handlers. In co-operation with our partner we will also provide the construction and delivery of complex hung transport systems.


Our design office will propose and design various automation and automatic units. These are e.g. swivelling tables and positioning devices, containers, feeders, handlers, assembly machines and lines.


In the field of robotization we offer the delivery of robotized work stations, from the initial design, prepared by designer, to the assembly in the plant of customer and the equipment actuation. Within the framework of the construction we will draft the documentation to all partial equipment of the work station. The analysis of functionality of the individual units and analysis of the robot movements by means of the program Delmia are matter of fact.

We also offer:

  • Delmia analysis of robotized work stations or fixtures not designed by our office. Within the framework of this service we will draft the documentation which will either confirm the functionality of the work station (fixture), or will propose modifications needed for the correct function of the equipment
  • Service and maintenance instructions

Production and assembly

Our company disposes of high level quality production resources. Intermediate products as well as final products are controlled.

Control protocols as well as atests and other certificates associates with all levels of production are at disposal if it´s required.

We choose from production possibilities:

  • CNC plasma and fame cutting
  • cutting by water ray
  • CNC machining
  • horizontal boring machine with the number identification (X/Y/Z – 3500/1800/1200)
  • turning machines with diameters of 500 mm and lenghts of 5000 mm
  • profile milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines

We take welder services, surfacing and thermal surfacing for granted.

We will assembling our products in our own assemble hall or by customer in at home or abroad.

Installation of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric circuits

For the purpose of moving mechanical parts of machines we are able to make installation pneumatical or hydraulical tanks.

Proper installlation is basicly made by customers documentation or documention made by our company.

As well is made installation of electric circuits for actuator, controling, scaning location and presencing parts and also evaluation process of machines.

3D Measurement

We measuring products by regularly calibrated polar Mora.

We are able to measure parts, listings and complete facilities by to dimension 1400/4000/1800 (X/Y/Z).

We also make measurement in the Inca3D by the basic's from VDA or iges formats.

For that purpose we buy software Metrologic XG4 with all accessoriention.

Output listing is made by customers requirements.



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